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Three questions to ask in a paralegal job interview

Job interviews are stressful. It isn’t easy to sum up—in a single conversation—how all of your hard work, preparation and experiences make you the right fit for the position you are interviewing for.  

EKU Rates Top 40 Among Best Paralegal Schools

The Community for Accredited Online Schools has ranked Eastern Kentucky University’s online paralegal studies program No. 40 on their list of “Best Paralegal Schools” among 4-year institutions. EKU was the highest rated Kentucky school on the list.

EKU Student Working to Finish the Degree He Began in the 1970s

EKU Online Paralegal Student Tony Chisholm

Tony Chisholm first enrolled at EKU in 1978. He joined the army and spent a few years working on his degree intermittently, before moving across the country when he met his wife.

Managing Client Confidentiality in the Digital Age

One of a paralegals most important roles is to maintain client confidentiality and help to secure the attorney-client privilege.

New technologies have provided more convenient and accessible ways to facilitate communication. As a result, client information has become more readily available with the digital age.

What is justified use of force?

Justified use of force is a term used to describe a number of affirmative defenses that argue a fact or set of facts, other than those alleged by a plaintiff and if proven by the defendant, diminishes the legal consequences of a defendant's otherwise illegal action. These defenses are varied and typically involve the protection of yourself, other people and property from harm.

The Role of a Paralegal in Working with an Expert Witness

Paralegals have often been described as the “glue” that holds a law firm together. The life of a paralegal can be hectic sometimes, mostly because it involves a great deal of multi-tasking to ensure that expert witness testimony has maximum impact.

Duress and Necessity

Duress and necessity center on a threat of immediate harm and argue that an act, which is typically illegal, doesn’t constitute a crime in a particular instance because of the circumstances surrounding it.

EKU’s Online Degrees Ranked in the Top 50 by U.S. News and World Report

Eastern Kentucky University is ranked among the best in the U.S. News & World Report’s recently announced 2015 Best Online Education Program Rankings.

2014 Kentucky Paralegal Association Meeting

The Greater Lexington Paralegal Association will be hosting the annual Kentucky Paralegal Association Meeting on November 13-14, 2014 at the Clarion Hotel in Lexington, Kentucky.  The Eastern Kentucky University Paralegal Program will be sponsoring paralegal students to attend the meeting!  The annual meeting provides both continuing