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What do paralegals do at trial?

By: John Powell, EKU Graduate Assistant

What computer skills do paralegals need most?

By: AnneGribbins, EKU Graduate Assistant

Test-Taking Tips for Certified Paralegal Exams

By: John Powell, EKU Graduate Assistant

Stick to a study schedule

The Computer Skills Paralegals Need Most

By: Samantha Baker, EKU Graduate Assistant

Networking Tips for Paralegals

By: Jessica Sutton, EKU Graduate Assistant

Networking is an essential component of career development. Networking allows you to stay on top of industry trends, keep an eye on the job market, and meet perspective employers, business partners and co-workers. While networking can seem like a daunting task, don’t be afraid to dive in. The following tips can help you get started.

EKU Online Paralegal Program Named Among Top 10 by Affordable Colleges Online

Image Award Best Online Law Degrees

The EKU Online bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies ranks #8 among Best Online Legal Studies Degrees according to Affordable Colleges Online.

EKU Receives Another Top 10 Ranking for Best Online Paralegal Degree

In its recently released list of 2018 Top Online Paralegal Programs, Paralegal 411 named EKU Online among the nation’s best degree providers. Eastern Kentucky University ranked # 8, and it was one of only three programs in the top 10 approved by the American Bar Association.

Three questions to ask in a paralegal job interview

Job interviews are stressful. It isn’t easy to sum up—in a single conversation—how all of your hard work, preparation and experiences make you the right fit for the position you are interviewing for.