The Computer Skills Paralegals Need Most

By: Samantha Baker, EKU Graduate Assistant

Technology has become an ever growing and important aspect of not only our personal lives, but our work lives, as well. Even the most menial of job tasks such as writing or scheduling have become completely centered on knowing how to use technology. Like most other jobs, this is also true within the paralegal profession. Having certain computer skills as a paralegal is necessary in this day and age where almost all aspects of the job require using a computer. Here are the computer skills that paralegals need most.

Creating Documents using programs like Word or Adobe Acrobat

Paralegals must know how to create and save different types of files in their computer. Whether it be drafting a document with all the necessary information that your superior needs, or creating a presentation for an important meeting that you and the other staff will be taking part in, having these insights are vital to the job.

Organizing and storing documents

One part of the job responsibilities that paralegals are tasked with is saving/organizing important documents from current cases or past litigations. Ensuring that these documents are easily accessible and cohesive within the computer allows for greater efficiency in gathering important materials that may be needed later on.

Knowing how to use research databases

Before, gathering important legal research required travelling to a library and searching through large books until you found the right piece of literature you were looking for. Now, gathering law info requires knowing how to navigate through a sometimes complex internet database. Knowing the ins and outs of these databases makes researching information easier and much more efficient.

Video chatting and online conferences

With the advent of teleworking, a.k.a. working from home, online video conferences have become more and more popular as a professional form of meeting and communicating with others who are in different locations. Knowing how to create a group conference or meeting with a client or group of clients is an extremely important aspect of the personal responsibilities of the job.

Lastly, being open to new technology

Technology is ever changing and has solidified its spot in almost all workplaces. As a paralegal, being able to adapt and learn new technologies entering the office is an inevitable skill that will always be pivotal to being a great paralegal.

About the author: Samantha Baker holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from EKU and is currently working on a master’s degree. She is a recipient of the Outstanding Psychology Senior Award and plans to work in higher education or community focused non-profit agencies.

Published on April 08, 2019