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The Role of a Paralegal in Working with an Expert Witness

Paralegals have often been described as the “glue” that holds a law firm together. The life of a paralegal can be hectic sometimes, mostly because it involves a great deal of multi-tasking to ensure that expert witness testimony has maximum impact.

Duress and Necessity

Duress and necessity center on a threat of immediate harm and argue that an act, which is typically illegal, doesn’t constitute a crime in a particular instance because of the circumstances surrounding it.

EKU’s Online Degrees Ranked in the Top 50 by U.S. News and World Report

Eastern Kentucky University is ranked among the best in the U.S. News & World Report’s recently announced 2015 Best Online Education Program Rankings.

2014 Kentucky Paralegal Association Meeting

The Greater Lexington Paralegal Association will be hosting the annual Kentucky Paralegal Association Meeting on November 13-14, 2014 at the Clarion Hotel in Lexington, Kentucky.  The Eastern Kentucky University Paralegal Program will be sponsoring paralegal students to attend the meeting!  The annual meeting provides both continuing

EKU Paralegal Programs Offer Study Abroad Opportunity for Online Students

Online paralegal students at EKU will have the unique opportunity to join their on-campus counterparts for an exciting summer in England as part of the study abroad program: Crime & Punishment: Murder, Mayhem & Dungeons.

Students will study London’s historic execution of justice and learn what swayed England to abolish the death penalty.

Residency Reflection: Jessica Keys-Hall

Residency Reflection: Jessica Keys-Hall

Written by Jessica Keys-Hall

Already have a Bachelor's Degree? Start the EKU Online Post-Bachelor's Certificate in Paralegal Studies

If you are you interested in the Paralegal field and hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, the EKU Online post-bachelor's certificate in Paralegal studies may be for you. 

So, what is a Paralegal Residency Requirement Anyway?

EKU requires that you earn a minimum of ten hours of in-person credit as part of the Partially Online Paralegal Program.  Many of EKU’s Paralegal graduates feel that the residency piece is the best part of the partially Online Paralegal Program.