So, what is a Paralegal Residency Requirement Anyway?

EKU requires that you earn a minimum of ten hours of in-person credit as part of the Partially Online Paralegal Program.  Many of EKU’s Paralegal graduates feel that the residency piece is the best part of the partially Online Paralegal Program.

The Residency is usually the last piece of the graduation puzzle.  It can be taken all at once; or, broken into two one-week sessions.   Students will start their coursework the same as any other class.  In the latter part of May after the spring term ends, students come to campus for an intensive two-week in-person session that recaps what they have learned and provides hands on professional skills sets for students to take to their jobs.

The Residency includes LAS 300W-Legal Research and Writing II; LAS 325-Real Estate and Bankruptcy, LAS 310- Paralegal Seminar, and LAS 305-Evidence Law for Paralegals.  The focus on the residency is on skill acquisition and practice. 

Some of the highlights of the Residency include—private access by Paralegal students to the Law Library on campus complete with research privileges as well as access to the Law Librarian.  One day students go to court and meet with court personnel and multiple judges to discuss the role of paralegals in the judicial system.  The Madison County Courthouse opens their real estate vault to EKU Paralegal students and allows them to practice their research skills under the guidance of our professional faculty.  Students are also provided career counseling services while they are on campus and actually participate in a formal mock interview to help them hone their interviewing skills and to refine their job search.  Students also hear lectures from multiple EKU Paralegal Alumni who give real-world insight into the profession and paralegal job searches. 

Come join us, won’t you?

Published on April 01, 2014