The Role of Investigative Paralegal Skills

Paralegal Office Setting

Skillful and well-rounded paralegals are the backbone of the legal field and are essential to the smooth management of a law office. In order to fulfill this vital role, there are five core competencies that should be mastered. Adding these to your resume will make you a hot commodity in the legal market and position you for career advancement.

1.      Communication- The paralegal serves as a liaison between the attorney, witness, and the counsel. Communication is fundamental to the practice of law, and the life of a paralegal is spent communicating with numerous people. Being able to do so effectively is the lifeline of the law firm.

2.      Research- Research proficiency and the ability to competently track down records, documents, and witnesses are critical skills. In addition to traditional research methods, paralegals must also know how to analyze case facts.

3.      Technology skills- In today’s market, technology plays a pivotal role in law practice. From databases to litigation support, technology has become a key element in the successful management of a law office. Those that become proficient with current technology and keep abreast of emerging technology will have the competitive edge in the legal market.

4.      Teamwork- The ability to work collaboratively with all members of the legal team is integral to paralegal practice. Those who demonstrate these skills will have an advantage in the job market because they will be able to facilitate cooperation from every end and ensure the best service to their clients. 

5.      Multi-tasking- The mastery of this skill is key to every law firm. Being able to balance demands from different ends, prioritize assignments and thoughts, and stay organized will help you become more productive and resourceful. 

Published on April 05, 2016