Three questions to ask in a paralegal job interview

Job interviews are stressful. It isn’t easy to sum up—in a single conversation—how all of your hard work, preparation and experiences make you the right fit for the position you are interviewing for.  

If you are like most job candidates, you’ve likely been formulating and practicing the answers to your potential employer’s questions until you know them in your sleep. While preparing to put your best foot forward is a great start, many job seekers forget about one critical detail of an interview—it’s two-sided.

The majority of job hunters overlook the opportunity to ask questions about their potential position and employer. This is a crucial step to determining not only what would be expected of you as an employee, but whether you would actually want to work there.

While it may be difficult to anticipate specific questions you will be left with during an interview, incorporating these three general questions into your preparation routine will provide a solid starting point.

What are the most important daily tasks your paralegal handles?

Your employer’s answer to this question will help you determine which of your many tasks are the most important. Knowing this allows you to determine if you and the employer have aligned priorities and how the firm defines the role of a paralegal. Should you accept the position it also helps you to prioritize your workload according to what matters most to your employer.

What challenges do paralegals face in this firm?

The answer to this question can give a sense of working environment you would be navigating. It can also provide an idea of what a typical day would be like with this employer.

What is your five year plan and how does this position fit into it?

Does this firm hire during busy times and then pare down? Are they looking for long-term employees with an interest in moving up? Knowing if your firm has a plan, and what it is, can help you decide if the position you are interviewing for aligns with your long-term career goals.

Published on August 18, 2017